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Organo Germanium 100 mg - 100 Tabl
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Organo Germanium 100 mg - 100 Tabl



1. What is Germanium?

Germanium-132, a unique organic germanium compound (chemical name – bis-carboxyethyl germanium sesquioxide) is also known as “germanium sesquioxide”. The high-purity organic complex is safe. Organic germanium is a biological-response modifier which is basically a substance that can enable the body to alter its response to tumors thus leading to therapeutic advantages. It doesn’t directly hits cancer cells but it seems to trigger the body’s immune system and make it potentially effective in the treatment of cancer in addition to other degenerative diseases.
In 1945, Dr. Kazuhiko Asai founded the Coal Research Institute in Japan. After studying reports from Russia about germanium’s unbelievable powers of rejuvenation and its effective in cancer treatment, Dr. Asai took a decision to study its biological properties. His original research with organic germanium extracted from natural plant sources convinced him that t could lead to notable health benefits. But, it soon become clear that extracting the amount required for the treatment of cancer and other diseases was very expensive. Dr. Asai finally succeeded in discovering a method for producing an organic germanium, Ge-132, that was chemically similar to the form he had extracted from plants. The chemical name for this organic germanium compound is bis-carboxyethyl germanium sesquioxide. 

2. Organic Germanium as an Adaptogen

When a chemotherapeutic agent comes in the direct contact with cancer cells in a test tube, the cells are killed. When organic germanium comes in the direct contact to cancer cells in a test tube, the cells remains intact. The germanium seems rather seems to be ineffective. However, organic germanium indirectly triggers anti-cancer defenses. While organic germanium doesn’t cure, it seems to increase the metabolic activity of your body in doing so. In case of cancer, Germanium triggers your immune defenses to form those substances which will, in turn, help to kill the antagonist. The many functions of organic germanium include its capacity to increase the production and/or efficiency of natural killer cells. 

3. Germanium boosts the immune system

In actual fact, organic Germanium-132 boosts the immune system by stimulating dormant macrophages to phagocytize (digest) cellular waster and viruses and triggers other immune cells into action. This organic mineral may also offer some other advantages in addition to improved neural response and resistance to germs. Many alternative health practitioners and veteran researchers say that all disease are caused directly from the under-oxygenation of cellular tissue and Germanium-132 significantly boots both the presence and absorption of oxygen in the various organs of our body. 

4. Organic Germanium as an Oxygen Enhancer

Human cells extremely need the continuous supply of nutrients and oxygen for the sake of repeated metabolism. The lack of oxygen can cause the diseases like chronic carbon monoxide poising, anemia, vascular diseases, cardiovascular disorder, hypotension, cell aging or mental disorder. Recently, some medical scientist showed that germanium plays a role as an oxygen catalyst and assist in the efficient application of oxygen. Put simply, the contemporary medicine succeeded in confirming the fact that the administration of organic germanium in human body helps in recovering from chronic oxygen deficiency as the surplus oxygen vitalizes the blood. 

Organic Germanium

5. Organic Germanium as Detoxifier

Organic germanium is also a detoxifier because it helps your body to expel pollutants. Due to the chemical structure of this immune-stimulating oxide, it is likely to bind or chelate (grab) and then expel toxic compound and unsafe substances.

6.Germanium as a Supplement

As germanium is found in very small quantities in plants and since its synthesis comprises a difficult process, the cost of supplemental organic germanium may seems to be high in comparison to some other supplements. Of course, you could never get large quantities in food. Akin to many other nutrients, germanium is lost when foods are grown in tired soils, or when they processed or over coked. For example, germanium is present in a whole grain but not in refined foods.

7. Organic Germanium and Immunity

The production of interferon is increased when organic germanium is used as a supplement in immune-deficient people of all ages. The metabolic pathway engaged in the increase of interferon may be its ability to control lymphocyte cells, which are significant in the production of anti-bodies.
The therapeutic doses of organic germanium can:
• Alleviates Angina.
• Improve the health of arteries.
• Helps lower blood pressure in some persons afflicted with hypertension.
• Help to prevent Raynaud’s Disease.
• Reduce the incidence of Gangrene in persons with Raynaud’s.
• Block the replication of the HIV virus by stimulating the body’s production.
• Help to suppress some forms of Cancer.
• Help prolong the survival time of persons afflicted with Colon Cancer.
• Help prolong the lifespan of persons afflicted with Liver Cancer.
• Significantly inhibit the development of Lung Cancer.
• Inhibit the growth of some forms of Detrimental Fungi
• Inhibit the growth of Candida albicans.
• Activate resting Macrophages and converts them to cytotoxic (killer) Macrophages
• Stimulate the production of Suppressor T-Cells.
• Lower total serum Cholesterol levels.
• Enhance the body’s utilization and facilitation of Oxygen.
• Lower the requirement for Oxygen consumption by Organs.
• Protect against Carbon Monoxide asphyxiation.
• Alleviate various Eye Ailments
• Retard the progression of Cataracts (by preventing the cross-linking of the lens
• Used in the treatment of Detached Retinas.
• Alleviate Glaucoma.
• Rejuvenate the Blood Vessels that supply the Retina of the Eyes.
• Prevent decreased Bone strength, and increases lowered bone density caused by Osteoporosis.
• Temporarily alleviate Epilepsy.
• Alleviates Pain.

8. Organic Germanium References

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9. Organic Germanium info

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Organo Germanium 100 mg - 100 Tabl
Graviola 500 mg - 100 Capsules
Artemisinin Super 200 mg - 60 VCaps
Organo Germanium 100 mg - 100 Tabl